Come What May

I can hold the earth
When we're together
I can even kiss the sun
Because you believe
Outrun the river flows
By giving me the will

I can freeze the time
If you tell me so
I can even stop the rain
When your fingers locked with mine
Dance with the wind
Long as you are beside me

If I were a god
The stars are yours to pick
Let the clouds be your bed
And my love be your blanket
As the angels sing for you

If eternal is longer than forever
I want you to promise me
That we'll be together eternally
Hand in hand, heart to heart
Soul to soul come what may

5 Responses to "Come What May"

  1. Your write some very sweet verse for someone with such a "spikey" handle.

  2. Supposedly it is only SPK,Silent Poet Klaus, but during the two-way radio craze someone called me "spike"..and so it goes.

    Anyway thanks for the compliment, I really appreciate it.

  3. A deep and loving poem from husband to wife, especially liked these lines:

    "Let the clouds be your bed
    And my love be your blanket
    As the angels sing for you"

  4. Thanks Joanne, It came from the heart that's why it strikes you.

    Now its safe to say that this poem is a literary work because of your reaction.

    Again thanks.

  5. If eternal is longer than forever, may love last eternally ! Very sensitive lines as ever.


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