Come to me my beloved
With lover's smile
In my arms I will hold
We'll walk a mile

Let rain be our witness
Wind be our music
Memories we will cherish
Birds we will mimic

Dreams we will weave
Beneath the trees
As lovers we both plead
Forever we'll kiss

Soon the sun will shine
Clouds will shy away
The promises shall remain
Even if the birds fly

The coming of a clear sky
Always is certain
Even on a stormy day
The flowers bloom

3 Responses to "Flowers Bloom"

  1. Oh wow! You are quite the poet! Very nice and sweet poem :) The flow of the poem is great and what I like about it is that IT RHYMES .. not a fan of the non rhyming poems.. :D

    Keep up your writing, you have a great talent !


  2. hei I want to help you to get more visitors. Great poetry!

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  3. Big thanks to you Ingrid
    Rhyming is beautiful Indeed

    Such a comment from you so sweet
    Now I can mobilize my faculty's fleet

    Steinar my brother
    Thank you so much you bother

    You have noticed my pieces
    And to me have given praises


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