I cannot imagine tomorrow
Not unless you let me follow
I don't wanna live in sorrow
Without you I will be hollow

Trap me within your glow
And love shall forever flow
Take us to the lover's meadow
And the flowers be our pillow

Stay so I will not wallow
Dream with me 'neath the rainbow
Seeds of love together we will sow
Field of affection I shall plow

A life time is so short, I know
Mortal's life so slim and narrow
But a grain of life I shall borrow
Let this poem be my final throw

9 Responses to "My Lasting Vow"

  1. well written...nice poems. looking for more such poems.
    thanks for adding me to friend connect.

  2. Thanks Rahul, such kind words make me more inspired to compose better poems.

  3. A good perspective on the life and nice metaphors as well as the rythm in the rhyming scheme.Keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks Matt,

    You have just made my heart swell
    And you consequently replenished my soul.

  5. A very nice flowing poem. The rhymes feel natural and rhythm works well.

    Nice work!


  6. Thanks lauren, coming from a writer like you it's sweetier. I'm trying to claim my brain you know..lol.

  7. Beautifully said ....

  8. Thanks Meam.. such a short comment left a huge impact on me.

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