Four Seasons of Love

Feel me,
Let emotions flow
Breathe with me,
As we play amid snow

Take me,
Where the birds sing
Climb with me,
Lovely hills, blossoming

Kiss me,
Under the morning sun
Run with me,
And cruise the golden land

Hold me,
Neath the brown trees
Embrace me,
We’ll watch, falling leaves


  1. I like this poem very much. It's very fluent and sensitive.And very tender and delicate too.

  2. This is your best yet. It is full of imagery with a free flowing style and reminds me of the great 19th century traditionalists. Very well done.

  3. Now I am lost for metaphors to express how much your comments mean to me.

    I am beginning to be bored with forms that's why I came up with this.


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