The Girl in the Driveway

In a hurry I rushed in to my car
Picked the right key for ignition
Pressed the accelerator hard
Just, to abruptly hit the break
There you were sitting on my drive way
Crying your heart’s out
Without asking, I know, another man
Promised you heaven and earth
Then dumped you in hell
My mind’s shouting “you’d never learn”
But my heart’s crushed with sympathy
So I got out of the car
Leaned over you and reached out my hand
Called the office, I’ll be late
I did not ask you why
Instead I asked you who is he
You answered me with sob
Embraced me and leaned on my shoulder
Then I stopped talking, hugged you tight
After 4 years I’m about to go to work
You stopped me on the drive way
Gave me my lunch box
And told me to be home by dinner
We will celebrate the birthday
Of our three year old son