Count the days turn into weeks
Talk to myself before I go to sleep
By the window I always wish
To be with my family, that I miss

Several months passed by, so fast
But I can’t be at peace that last
Tears in my eyes are my only retreat
When everything seems not so right

Will I ever get used to this life?
Or should I just lie to myself?
Deny that I am not very lonely
And my heart isn't so empty

If only my love can see me now
Sure as the sun will rise, she'll cry
Probably she'll embrace me tight
Tell me everything will be alright

Time will come and soon it'll pass
All these will just be memories
Some segments of the chosen plight
Part of the journey that we call life

4 Responses to "Corner (Alone)"

  1. If I understand well, you have to stay far from your family. I'm very sorry for you. On the contrary, I am in the middle of my family all the time. And sometimes I wish to go away...I sympathize with you.

  2. Well lots of us are in the same boat especially us Filipinos, we have to leave our family to provide for them as it is very hard to do so when opportunities are hard to come by in our country.

    This piece is dedicated to my friend Rad, he wanted me to put into words what he is feeling..."Homesickness".

  3. Batangyagit13:36

    This is exactly how you differentiate a "Living" from "Life", Thanks to the author for this wonderfull piece of writings...

  4. Anonymous23:12

    One of your more powerful posts . . .


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