Your Love, My Life

A dark night sky without the moon
A hollow vase without the flowers
A cold chimney without the fire
A sail boat without the wind

The flowers die and decompose
As the rain no longer kisses the soil
The trees no longer bear fruits
As the butterflies and bees refuse

It’s all darkness and gloomy nights
The morning sun has decided not to rise
The rainbow will not even show
As the leprechauns stop chasing the gold

Don’t you understand how it goes?
How everything needs reason to flow
Don’t you see? and get it by now?
I am nothing, without your love

5 Responses to "Your Love, My Life"

  1. Everything needs reason to flow...and we are nothing in absence of love. Nothing to add...Perhaps St. Paul's famous letter...

  2. So aptly displayed. Styled to perfection.

  3. Silvia and Jo thanks for your wonderful comments.

  4. Ronald,
    I just found your poem.
    A wonderful, sincere read, with a nice flow to the words. A poem of love, so nicely written.


  5. Thanks Eileen, there are times that words just pop up and lines being made without thinking..

    This poem is one of them.


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