Republican and the Democrat

Two politicians survived
When a plane crashed
On the desert they wander
Tired, walking for three hours
The Democrat shouted “A Pond”
“It’s an Oasis” replied the Republican
The former countered,
“That’s too small for an Oasis moron”
“We are on the desert imbecile”
“Ponds are for the wetland”
Argued the latter
“If that is an Oasis,
where are the “Dates” trees?”
Asked the Democrat
And so they run towards it
“Look a frog dived in it”
Exclaimed the Republican
“You’re out of your mind”
“We’re on the desert, remember?”
“That’s a lizard not a frog”
The Democrat leaning with a grin
They dived in, trying to feel the water
But to their dismay, the “water’s” rough
Both tried to get out
Only to realize they are trapped
Dehydration has taken its toll
It was a quicksand
They are in

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