Unconditional Love

I see you,
Do you know I exist?
All I get,
Blank stares from you

I feel you,
Do you not sense it?
All I am,
Face among the crowd

I love you,
When will you notice?
All I ask,
Chance to prove my worth

I saw you,
With someone else
All I wish,
He deserves your love

I felt you,
Happy and content
All I want,
You’ll stay the same

I’ve loved you,
Even in my dreams
All I want,
Be there if ever you’ll fall

10 Responses to "Unconditional Love"

  1. Reading this, I’m beginning to suspect you might be a bit of a romantic! Either that or a stalker – not totally sure :-)

    Quite a powerful little set of words, which say it all – well done.

  2. Both Glen when I was younger, I used to love from a distance. Which I guess is the sincerest kind of love.

    Experimenting with forms. Thanks for your remarks.

  3. This is so beautiful..and hurtful. Its hurtful when the person we love doesnt know that we love them. I am in this situation now.

    I love your poetry. You got a new follower :)

  4. Thanks! Should I call you Avocado? you have just inspired me to create more of these.

    We can admire an eagle on flight but it can never be ours. But the feeling that we get just upon watching it is more than enough to give us joy.

    By the way you have two Angels with you whom you share your Unconditional Love.

  5. Your poem touches me so, because it talks about that kind of ideal love I have aspired to all my life. I'm sure the person you love this way feels it.

  6. A heartfelt poem. Well done! Whenever I read a poem likethis, or am watching a movie where the hero doesnt tell the woman he loves her, I always want to say "TELL her!!!" But that's just me!

  7. Ronald,
    Words with a longing for recognition and love.
    Very emotional........

    Nicely written.


  8. Here I was looking for music to download and I saw your tweet. This poem reminded me of some songs, if only I could remember the titles. I too have loved from afar, and it's such a wonderful feeling when you finally come face to face with it. Very sweet and flattering for the intended, real or otherwise.

  9. Sherry I wish I could have back then:)

  10. Thanks Eileen and Karen I would try to rearrange to make it into a song. Thanks!


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