Facebook What Have You Done?

First thing in the morning
Click of a button you’re running

Angry, I can "shout-out"
Writing words in caps locked

Events, I can always share
To let my friends be aware

Inspired, a quote or two
Even silly things will and may do

Questions, I can ask
In seconds one will answer back

Classmates, long lost friends found
Now connected catching up lost time

Impossible things are made possible
Though sometimes I get into trouble

You have changed my world
Do things I thought I never would

Awake late at night, uploading
New profile picture, cropping

Last thing before I go to sleep
Smile on my lips I would keep

On my status I will leave a note
My friends’ comments, I seek out

Anticipating on the next morning
Comments, likes and lovely greetings


  1. All so true. Some frustrations, but mostly positive things to keep each day from being boring!

    Best wishes,

  2. Yes, Facebook is a wonderful way to keep in touch with old friends and loved ones. :-)

  3. You're so creative SpK.. You can even make a poem about facebook! I read it with some humor when you said awake late at night, uploading
    new profile picture, cropping. I feel like you're talking about me because I use to be that person before ;p. But facebook can be very amazing, I even found my childhood boyfriend, the first boy I kissed when I was 8 years old- who has now become a gay :-/


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