Facebook What Have You Done?

First thing in the morning
Click of a button you’re running

Angry, I can "shout-out"
Writing words in caps locked

Events, I can always share
To let my friends be aware

Inspired, a quote or two
Even silly things will and may do

Questions, I can ask
In seconds one will answer back

Classmates, long lost friends found
Now connected catching up lost time

Impossible things are made possible
Though sometimes I get into trouble

You have changed my world
Do things I thought I never would

Awake late at night, uploading
New profile picture, cropping

Last thing before I go to sleep
Smile on my lips I would keep

On my status I will leave a note
My friends’ comments, I seek out

Anticipating on the next morning
Comments, likes and lovely greetings

3 Responses to "Facebook What Have You Done?"

  1. All so true. Some frustrations, but mostly positive things to keep each day from being boring!

    Best wishes,

  2. Yes, Facebook is a wonderful way to keep in touch with old friends and loved ones. :-)

  3. You're so creative SpK.. You can even make a poem about facebook! I read it with some humor when you said awake late at night, uploading
    new profile picture, cropping. I feel like you're talking about me because I use to be that person before ;p. But facebook can be very amazing, I even found my childhood boyfriend, the first boy I kissed when I was 8 years old- who has now become a gay :-/


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