Love? Perhaps Not

Lost in the darkness of forbidden desire
Perhaps a bit enthusiastic of playing fire
Tangled in the web of self-made fantasy
Perhaps hoping to finally reach ecstasy
Too caught up with selfish gratification
Perhaps too much of wild imagination
Childish, clinging onto that egotistical dream
Perhaps a pinch for a sudden awakening
Madly in love, or just an infatuation
Regardless, you must sought realization
Would you wake up now and proceed?
Perhaps stay in your realm, be contented

4 Responses to "Love? Perhaps Not"

  1. Don't wake me up
    I want to keep dreamin'
    The love I've found is burning!

  2. Tangled in the web of self-made fantasy, yes, we all are a bit tangled when we are speaking of love.When finally we wake up we have in front of us a very different person from that with whom we have fallen in love.But meantime we realize that a very powerful relationship has just cemented between us. An ingenuous poem enumerating the possible cases in which we can deceive ourselves that we are in love. Anyway, my advice is to proceed...

  3. OK unnamed psalmist I won't bother you in your dream..:)

  4. Sylvia my friend, how have you been? It's been a while.

    OK then, he/she must proceed as you've suggested. Make the fantasy come true to reach ecstasy :D


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