Wonder what went wrong
Logical drive is on overload
Processor beginning to heat up
Restart, look for faults
Diagnosis in progress
Working in safe mode
Launching the anti-virus
Screen flickers, then
“Warning: Virus detected”
File-name: depression.exe
Unable to delete
Moving it to the vault
Too late, system infected
Need system-restore,
Looking for the back-up
Nowhere to be found
Drastic measure required
“Faith” Operating System
Must be re-installed.

10 Responses to "Re-Format"

  1. Very interesting these succinct computer operations translated in the human plan. Perhaps we've just begun to behave like robots...

  2. Hi RS .. love this subject - and you've put it so well .. I thought the .exe was going to be .axe .. great way of putting our breakdowns .. Thanks - Hilary

  3. Hi RS .. love this .. so appropriate in today's age .. I thought the .exe was going to be .axe .. but so true of the breakdowns we have .. thanks - have a good weekend .. Hilary

  4. Hilary, I haven't thought of that.. from exe to axe. It can be good.

  5. Ronald,
    Oh the frustrations of the technology world and indeed the human being.
    Very well captured with your words.


  6. Eileen this was inspired by your piece
    "Cascading Emotions"

  7. Anonymous02:57

    Love this. Gotta watch out for that depression virus - it can screw up the works bigtime. Nice write...

  8. beautiful flow,
    your have stunning word painting skills.

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  10. Jingle and Gospelwriter thanks, Technology is man-made that's why it carries with it the imperfections of men.


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