Yours Alone (Minute Poetry)

I adore you with all my heart
The air you breathe
Everything you own
Soil you walk on

I am yours alone, you're my life
Reason I fight
There’s no other
You’re that matter

Hear my pledge, promises I'll keep
You’ll never weep
Shall not despair
I'm your shelter

6 Responses to "Yours Alone (Minute Poetry)"

  1. Ronald,
    Very beautiful caring words of love and commitment.

    Best wishes,

  2. Very nice words expressing love amply. :) I hope they are reciprocated too! Regds, Punam

  3. Eileen and Punam, thanks for your appreciation of my piece. Punam its being reciprocated:)

  4. Every word spoke of love.To be loved unconditionally like this is a dream come true.

  5. Definitely a dream come true June, thanks!

  6. Great....nicely written!


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