Things I would Do for Love

I will coax the sun to rise
Paint the sky golden for you
I will mould the clouds
Make an image of your face

I can make mangroves dance
And the birds sing for you
Command the sand dunes
And make a castle for you

I will stop the cold breeze
From teasing your skin
Blanket you with my care
Just to keep you warm

These and more I would
If you will stay with me
These and more I would
So be with me for eternity

5 Responses to "Things I would Do for Love"

  1. You are quite the romantic. Another beautiful piece telling the world what you would do for the one you love.

  2. Hi RS .. seeing the advert for the Royal Art Collection - featuring Victoria and Albert's paintings for each other .. this poem could have been written by one of them ... it has great feeling ..

    I'm going to the Exhibition on Tuesday .. and I'm looking forward to it!

    Thanks - enjoyed this .. Hilary

  3. You do keep me guessing about your inspiration, very inspiring.

  4. Anonymous01:24

    Wow. Wish there were more verses!!
    "These and more I would
    So be with me for eternity"
    Had a lump in my throat reading this. The images you painted were so vivid and beautiful!:-)


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