Free Mind-Go Places

A celebration-wine in glasses
Never been rich,
But know how it feels
Never been to Paris,
But have climbed
Eifel Tower thrice
Never owned a jet,
But have flown one
A hundred times
Never been to Venice,
Yet I ride Gondolas
Under Rialto bridge
Every chance I get
Never been to China,
But the great wall
I have walked on
Never been to New York,
Yet I have touched
The famous torch
Of the Lady of Liberty
These and more I have done
With just a bit of imagination

6 Responses to "Free Mind-Go Places"

  1. Great Imagination brad… Happy Birthday, Thank you soo much for the friendship, teachings and moral support! God Bless you and your family, I know its hard to spend your birthday away from your family, I feel the same way too but we are here to party with you :)

  2. Hi RS .. wonderful thoughts on a freezing night in England - our imagination can release us .. the Bridge of Sighs .. thanks Hilary

  3. I have free mind to explore things like this. Its wonderful and beautiful how your poem open my blind imagination. Yet, I'm not rich but I can hold everything trough my imagination.Thanks!

    1. Anonymous16:45

      good poem............inperstional

  4. Anonymous21:45

    who is this poet.?? i need to no because i would like to use this to help me with my project but in order to do that i need to no the poets name someone please help me so i can use this

    1. I wrote it and if you could just look above you will see the "Author" link.


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