A gloomy Thursday night
There’ll be no moon light
As dark clouds won’t allow
And won’t let reasons flow
The skyline lacks remorse
And hate is on its course

Soon the resilient chain
That links these hearts
Will turn brittle within

Toxins of selfishness
Burn even the sturdiest
Venom of the proudest
Kills even the mightiest

Soon the resilient chain
Will turn brittle within

Bit of sincere apologies
Could have been fine
Like sweet bitter wine
It’ll wash away enmities

All scars shall fade in time
And the sun, soon will shine
Bask in it, hand in hand
Back will be, laughter and fun

2 Responses to "Sorry"

  1. Anonymous08:27

    Reminds me of my son. I love your poem

  2. Simran Tulsyan17:04

    beautifully writn....good goin....keep on writing....


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