What is the Real Meaning of Life?

I have travelled around the world
Seen so many places and different faces
Sailed away on a cruise, rapids I rode
Yet there is something, an empty space

I have dated so many women, a lot
Been so many times that I have thought
She is the one for me, could be my better half
Yet no one has been able to fill that gap

I rode horses raced with the open air
The rush of adrenaline filled me in
Freedom I feel when I am racing cars
Yet in the evening I feel so confined

I jumped from a plane countless times
Even tried the bungee jump, to feed the hunger
The thirst I have been trying to quench
Yet nothing is enough, it never ends

I hate the moon, I don’t know why
I like to walk yet I despised the path
I hate the sun, I don’t know why
I like to swim but the water I hate

The void is too great, too deep
Sometimes at night I end up in the abyss
The feeling of nothingness, it suffocates
With all the wealth, nothing is adequate

Until one day, I met a homeless man
He seems so at peace, as if he owns the street
With a pen and a notebook at hand
He look me in the eye and said, this is my wealth

I glanced at the notebook, began to read
There I learned he used to be a movie star
Adored by millions and by thousands was envied
I asked, why did you chose this life of having none

He smiled and said, I have all what I need
The street will provide for my food
The creek bathes me and keeps me clean
I do not have to worry about money, and he grinned

Why a homeless man is so happy and content?
And me who have everything, living a despondent life

2 Responses to "What is the Real Meaning of Life?"

  1. This is amazing and inspirational. I do believe poetry is a great and moving thing. I look foward to reading more of your poems.

    1. Sometimes, simpler is better. Thank you for taking time to read.


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