Jacques Callot, The Seven Deadly Sins - Envy

As we go on our journey, we meet people
some would notice others won’t bother
in every stop, you’ll find some new friends
some friends when you are with them

but as you go on the ladder of success
in a court with no room, you will be tried
without you knowing, you’re being accused
crimes of cheating and becoming conceited

only few of those that you call friends
will push you up, most will pull you down
it’s human nature or perhaps more than that
in the “rat race” everyone wants to be ahead

but should you even care and be affected?
definitely not, just go on, reach for the stars
and when the smoke clears, you’ll be on top
none of these so called “friends” worth your while

at the end of the day, real and true friends
will patiently be waiting outside your door
with smile and pride on their faces
congratulating you on a job well done

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