Mist in my mind, thoughts in bubble
In a deep well, trapped and motionless
To cry, I did over and over again
But the darkness swallowed my voice

I want to crawl up for freedom
But I am too weak, too tired
How I wish I could see the heaven
I cannot, eyes are shut and blinded

Give me a hand please, anyone?
Give me wings and teach me to fly

Wondering how I got here
I dug my mind for bits of clues
I must have slipped during a storm
Lost footing and then fall

It's been a long while and tiresome
I need to get out of this soon or die
Mercy on me, I need to climb
Be free and soar up in the sky

Give me a hand please, anyone?
Give me wings and teach me to fly


  1. The best thing you need to know when you find yourself drowning,
    Is not to panic, clear your mind, start controlled breathing;
    Even on water, relaxing would mean just floating,
    Set your priorities straight, concentrate first on surviving. :)

    1. I completely agree with you cez. Sometimes all we need to do is make the first paddle.


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