You Don't Know What it's Like

Redon crying-spider

Yeah, you can see my smile, hear my laugh
but not my sob, unseen tears in my eyes
yeah, you can see me run and i can walk
but not when i crawl and my face on the floor

yeah, I wear the mask to hide from people
I cannot stand those judging eyes, it hurts
yeah, I deceive everyone that i am alright
but when alone, I bang my head on the wall

yeah, the shadows are my only friends at night
they seem not to mind and me they comfort
yeah, they don’t stab me at the back
shadows only listen and would never talk

yeah, I can see you mock me while you read
in your mind I am a pathetic, hopeless being
yeah, you can call me that, I wouldn’t mind
for at this time I am almost good as dead

my wish is that you can at least walk in my shoes
try to wear my clothes and look beneath my skin
I used to be like you, damning idiots like me
the tide turned on me, now I’m the  idiot i so despise

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