UT Dallas human-scale chessboards

I gathered all my pieces

Arranged them by ranks

She did the same with ease

(Almost symmetrical)

And so the battle has begun

I made my first move

She countered it with hers

I have positioned my knight

Targeting the middle board

She pushed a pawn forward

I have to pull back

She released her bishop

Pointing to my King,

I blocked it with a Knight

She advanced her pawn further

I summoned my religious piece

Bishop near the knight

She goes for defense

Supported her advanced pawn

A breath on my part

I moved my King’s Knight

Towards her King’s side

Near the first tower

She wittingly castled

The battle continued

Almost an hour have passed

I devoured her defense pieces

Victory is almost mine

A mistake on my part

She positioned her King

To a corner, almost trapped

I advanced my queen

Only to find out..She’s out of space

Fool me, with all my resources

And her vulnerability,

I did not win,

Nobody won.

*Most of the time battles (quarrels) end in stalemate*