A Collection of Beautiful Poems about Life

Life's a Poetry in Motion

The author intentionally made the pieces in order of being down to finally having the courage to move on and fight the battle of life. Continue reading to appreciate the poetry of life that we all go through. There's nothing permanent in this world and even the sadness, hopelessness, and helplessness you feel right now will pass. Always see the brighter side of things for you can only appreciate the light when you have been in the dark.

1. Corner (Alone)

Count the days turn into weeks
Talk to me before I go to sleep
By the window I always wish
To be with my family, that I miss

Several months passed by, so fast
But I can’t be at peace that lasts
Tears in my eyes are my only retreat
When everything seems not so right

Will I ever get used to this life?
Or should I just lie to myself?
Deny that I am not very lonely
And my heart isn't so empty

If only my love can see me now
Sure as the sun will rise, she'll cry
Probably she'll embrace me tight
Tell me everything will be alright

Time will come and soon it'll pass
All these will just be memories
Some segments of the chosen plight
Part of the journey that we call life

2. Drowning 

Mist in my mind, thoughts in a bubble
In a deep well, trapped and motionless
To cry, I did over and over again
But the darkness swallowed my voice

I want to crawl up for freedom
But I am too weak, too tired
How I wish I could see the heaven
I cannot, eyes are shut and blinded

Give me a hand please, anyone?
Give me wings and teach me to fly

Wondering how I got here
I dug my mind for bits of clues
I must have slipped during a storm
Lost footing and then fall

It's been a long while and tiresome
I need to get out of this soon or die
Mercy on me, I need to climb
Be free and soar up in the sky

Give me a hand please, anyone?
Give me wings and teach me to fly

3. My Life Ain't Easy

Yeah, you can see my smile, hear my laugh
but not my sob, unseen tears in my eyes
yeah, you can see me run and I can walk
but not when I crawl and my face on the floor

yeah, I wear the mask to hide from people
I cannot stand those judging eyes, it hurts
yeah, I deceive everyone that I am alright
but when alone, I bang my head on the wall

yeah, the shadows are my only friends at night
they seem not to mind and me they comfort
yeah, they don’t stab me in the back
shadows only listen and would never talk

yeah, I can see you mock me while you read
in your mind, I am a pathetic, hopeless being
yeah, you can call me that, I wouldn’t mind
for at this time I am almost good as dead

my wish is that you can at least walk in my shoes
try to wear my clothes and look beneath my skin
I used to be like you, damning idiots like me
the tide turned on me, now I’m the  idiot I so despise

4. Crab Mentality

As we go on our journey, we meet people
some would notice others won’t bother
At every stop, you’ll find some new friends
some friends when you are with them

but as you go on the ladder of success
in a court with no room, you will be tried
without you knowing, you’re being accused
crimes of cheating and becoming conceited

only a few of those that you call friends
will push you up, most will pull you down
it’s human nature or perhaps more than that
in the “rat race” everyone wants to be ahead

but should you even care and be affected?
definitely not, just go on, reach for the stars
and when the smoke clears, you’ll be on top
none of these so-called “friends” worth your while

at the end of the day, real and true friends
will patiently be waiting outside your door
with smiles and pride on their faces
congratulating you on a job well done

5. Uncertainties

Augmented imagination
Haunts the subconscious
Stories need to be foretold

Restricted platforms
Words and frames insufficient
Just like clouds unbounded

Should light fades
Eyes will lose essence
Will ears be enough?

Or like the smoke
It will all be just,
Nothing but ghost

6. Egoistic Fool

You claim to have suffered in the past
And so I heard, I really do sympathize
You say you have worked so hard
And so it seems, I admire you for that

You have swallowed your pride for success
Chewed on your life’s values and principles
You have triumphed, now at the top
Head bloated with conceit never looked back

Self-proclaimed dominion, you are the boss
Haven’t you noticed? Everyone is in chaos
Whenever your presence is felt, so bad
You’ve lost your family and friends, so sad

Truth is, you’re clinging to a thin thread
You’re just a fly on top of the buffalo’s head

7. What is the Real Meaning of Life?

The void is too great, too deep
Sometimes at night, I end up in the abyss
The feeling of nothingness, it suffocates
With all the wealth, nothing is adequate

Until one day, I met a homeless man
He seems so at peace as if he owns the street
With a pen and a notebook at hand
He looked me in the eye and said, this is my wealth

I glanced at the notebook, began to read
There I learned he used to be a movie star
Adored by millions and by thousands was envied
I asked, why did you choose this life of having none

He smiled and said, I have all that I need
The street will provide my food
The creek bathes me and keeps me clean
I do not have to worry about money, and he grinned

Why a homeless man is so happy and content?
And me who has everything, living a despondent life

8. Free Your Mind

Never been rich,
But know how it feels
Never been to Paris,
But have climbed
Eifel Tower thrice
Never owned a jet,
But have flown one
A hundred times
Never been to Venice,
Yet I ride Gondolas
Under Rialto bridge
Every chance I get
Never been to China,
But the great wall
I have walked on
Never been to New York,
Yet I have touched
The famous torch
Of the Lady of Liberty
These and more I have done
With just a bit of imagination

9. Dance of Life (You are the Choreographer of your Life)

Life flows through the stream of time
With it are memories linked to our past
It may hit decaying leaves and sharp rocks
But definitely, it will reach the shoreline
Be like the water, always finding its way
Against obstacles, it passes through somehow

Life is like a dance, it is choreographed
It must be synchronized with the music
Be attuned to the beat so it will jive
But getting into the groove is a hard task
You are the choreographer of your life
Make it the way you want it to be

10. What's there to Doubt?

What’s there to doubt?
You hold the key to success
Your path was paved for you
What’s the whining about?

What’s there to be feared?
Everyone watches your back
Love, support in your backpack
What’s there to doubt?

Why do you have to cry?
Run away when you fail
Curse everyone you know
What’s the whining about?

What’s there to be feared?
What’s there to doubt?
Why do you have to cry?
What’s the whining about?

11. Take the Lead

They say this world is in chaos
like a party without a host
motivated by lust and greed
stop talking and lead instead

Men and children carrying guns
conflicts arise where love is none
Men in power pull the parade
stop talking and lead instead

Warlords and the like talk about peace
while pointing a gun at someone's face
Let all the false masks worn be shed
stop talking and lead instead

They say this world is in chaos
stop talking and lead instead

12. Life Cycle: Ending & Beginning

Sun is born after dawn
Crawls slowly behind cliffs
Reach the clouds, then walks
It will go down as dusk comes

Rain will fall on fertile soil
Seeds sprout in abundance
Flowers bloom in various colors
Then dry up as summer comes

Friction, sparks then flame
Fire will grow, engulfs, and reign
Devours, consumes everything
Shrinks diminish then nothing

All starts at one point, a beginning
Develops, reaches its prime
Declines, fall off and then pass on
All constant, everything has its end

13. Spring of Hope on the Horizon

I can see a hint of a great sun
Rises from the horizon.
Just a little bit more and
Everything will be fine
Under the sun's radiant light.
The darkness that envelopes me
Slowly fades away.
Hopes finally flow
From the spring of faith
That was lost in my struggles,
Against the demons inside me.
The past has chained me, 
Kept me in the dark for too long
Now is the time to let go and live in the present
So I can slowly see the great future
That has been laid for me.