The Gate or The Tunnel - We Choose Our Own Path

God reaching out to us
Disorderly, this world has become
Deafening lies beget mistrust
No matter where you turn and run
Find only despair and lust

Others have lost their faith
While some juggle sharp edges
Few succumbed near the gate
Where millions of body laid

A silhouette stands beside the gate
Mocking smiles he cares to share
Counting the misguided to their death
More slaves for his dark fiery lair

Just upon the horizon a flock gathers
Towards a peaceful shining tunnel
Where everyone embraces each other
Without fear and doubt, eager to travel

A silhouette beside the tunnel
Heart bleeds, tears flow from his eyes
As he watches the misguided, fumble
He reaches out his hand but no one dares
To look back and repent...

The greatest gift we have is freewill but it's also our weakness. We all choose own path, be it for the better or our downfall. Salvation or Damnation, it's in our hand, only us can choose which way to go for ourselves.