Walk Through Pain

With me is a sledgehammer
About to raze these walls
Walls that kept me miserable

In my heart a dynamite
About to blow up the chain
Chain that have locked me

It took me awhile to recognize
It’s me, who limits my growth
Time for dreams to be realized

Such a fool to have waited
For something or someone
That can lift me from the gulf

I have pondered enough
Things that I should have done
Time’s wasted, I must make-up

I will walk through the pain
Throw the luggage at hand
Time to enjoy some sunshine

4 Responses to "Walk Through Pain"

  1. Ronald,
    I hope that there is good hope and better times for you very, very soon.
    An escape from feeling imprisoned!

    Best wishes, Eileen

    My first grandson was born on Saturday morning!!!

  2. I can feel the sorrow in this poem. It's good to share it to others. Great poem!

  3. Eileen my friend, you're almost always the first to comment on my post. thank you for reading my works.

  4. Anonymous12:54

    nice poetry keep it up and God bless you.

    waseem hayat.


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