This isn't a Love Poem

Somewhere, when least expected
Love blooms like flower in winter snow
Somewhere, two souls are tangled
Like two trees, branches entwined
On the edge of the cliff, somewhere

Rare that two soul mates end up together
Like seldom rain floods the Sahara desert
Rare that true love triumph over convenience
At least not at this materialistic era
Love still exist though but rarely substantial

Late when most realize that love isn’t a fantasy
Like the stories that have been told at bed time
Late when most discover that happy ever after
Is as elusive as that falling star at night
Though it isn’t a lie and it do happens, somewhere

2 Responses to "This isn't a Love Poem"

  1. Ronald,

    A very loving piece of writing. A passion within.....

    Hope you are happy!

    Best wishes, Eileen :)

  2. Great poem. Sad it maybe but if we continue to believe and be inspired with happy-ever-after stories, we might get close to it. :)


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