Some Days with My Kids

And so it goes my son has to ask
Curious mind, fragile and eager
A four year old, want to know so much
When he talks, as if he knows all
Confidence in him overwhelms me
He is such a darling, so innocent
Selfishly I’m wishing, he’d be a kid,
Even a little longer until my return.

My pretty daughter, she’s now nine
Young but feels as if she’s old enough
Fairy tales aren’t on her stories list
Playing dolls isn’t cute, not anymore
Gadget in her palm, singing tunes
I can’t help but to look back in time
She was just so tiny on my chest
Not so long ago, as she sleeps
Now all I could do is wonder who
Who is that boy in her mind?
If I could just tell her to be my baby,
Even for a little longer until my return.

Just some days with my kids, soon I have to leave
Count days turn to months, another year until my return.