Romantic Love Poems That Will Make Her Happy

A collection of love poems for your significant other, your girlfriend or for the girl you really adore. When you find that woman who makes you a better version of yourself, someone that inspires you to do great things, and someone who loves you for who you are, she's the one. Keep her and never let go. There are billions of women out there but finding the right one for you is as rare as finding a gem on the beach.

She's my life

1. Girl Your Love, My Life

A dark night sky without the moon
A hollow vase without the flowers
A cold chimney without the fire
A sail boat without the wind

The flowers die and decompose
As the rain no longer kisses the soil
The trees no longer bear fruits
As the butterflies and bees refuse

It’s all darkness and gloomy nights
The morning sun has decided not to rise
The rainbow will not even show
As the leprechauns stop chasing the gold

Don’t you understand how it goes?
How everything needs reason to flow
Don’t you see? and get it by now?
I am nothing, without your love

2. Four Seasons of Love

Lovers kissing
Feel me,
Let emotions flow
Breathe with me,
As we play amid snow

Take me,
Where the birds sing
Climb with me,
Lovely hills, blossoming

Kiss me,
Under the morning sun
Run with me,
And cruise the golden land

Hold me,
Neath the brown trees
Embrace me,
We’ll watch, falling leaves

3. Heaven and Earth

Goddess in beautiful night sky
she was a gem, a princess
living in a castle, lavish
I was a poor lad, worthless

porcelain skin, soft as silk
glimpse of her face makes me weak
one look from her, all it took

heaven has sided with a poor lad
goddess from her pedestal descended
able to see where she has landed

her overwhelming grace stunned me
she smiled, the sweetest I've seen
made me think more, am I worthy?

took me forever, to hold her hand
oblivious I almost trip on the sand
all changed, when she said I'm her man

Heaven needs Earth to know its worth
and even gods and goddesses need a cohort

4. Memories of You

Holding hand on the beach
Days of love I long to keep
When you and I still sing
Nights we shared without sleep
Plucking the guitar strings

Days of joy once we had
When you and I still dance
Nights we spent in my pad
Making love while in a trance

Now memories are all I have
About us when we were young
Though the feeling still remains
You already hold someone's hand

5. I Love You But 

Tears of a Man

I never meant to hurt
A sweet angel like you
I ran away not from you
But from the shadows of my past

I don't want to let go
But I need to set you free
From the beast inside of me
Because I love you so

I lied to you when I said
You are not good enough
I cried, I almost died
The day I broke your heart

6. Unconditional Love

Love Triangle

I see you,
Do you know I exist?
All I get,
Blank stares from you

I feel you,
Do you not sense it?
All I am,
Face among the crowd

I love you,
When will you notice?
All I ask,
Chance to prove my worth

I saw you,
With someone else
All I wish,
He deserves your love

I felt you,
Happy and content
All I want,
You’ll stay the same

I’ve loved you,
Even in my dreams
All I want,
Be there if ever you’ll fall

There will always be that someone who will hold your heart forever even if you will not end up together. When a woman inspires you to do better, she's the one so don't ever let go.

More Short Poems for Her:

1. Girl Next Door-Triolet

The lady next door is so fine
I really want to make her mine
She will be in my arms in time
The lady next door is so fine
I’ll invite her so we could dine
Even if I have to fall in line
The lady next door is so fine
I really want to make her mine

2. You, I Finally Found

your curly black hair
touches my cheeks
makes me grasp for air

gentle pair of lips
whisper in my ear
makes me fall asleep

warmth of your embrace
takes away my fears
every time I lose my pace

those pair of eyes
sees through my soul
telling me to stay

but most of all
your loving heart
that cushions my fall

during my youth I wasted lots of time
but got plenty the day you became mine

3. Back Again

By the river
I confessed my love
By the wind
I softly whispered
By the Trees
I promised forever
By the clouds
We laughed and cried
By the mountains
We drifted apart
By the rain
We were in union
Once more.

4. Yours Alone (Minute Poetry)

I adore you with all my heart
The air you breathe
Everything you own
Soil you walk on

I am yours alone, you're my life
Reason I fight
There’s no other
You’re that matter

Hear my pledge, promises I'll keep
You’ll never weep
Shall not despair
I'm your shelter

5. Things I would Do for Her

I will coax the sun to rise
Paint the sky golden for you
I will mold the clouds
Make an image of your face

I can make mangroves dance
And the birds sing for you
Command the sand dunes
And make a castle for you

I will stop the cold breeze
From teasing your skin
Blanket you with my care
Just to keep you warm

These and more I would
If you will stay with me
These and more I would
So be with me for eternity