Romantic Poem: You are My Rain

Lovers in the rain
By: Minorie Lanag

Pitter patter, rain falls in yer world far away
just close yer eyes, feel, listen and dream
and into another world let us be in again
let me lie down with you, to dream, never let go.

Let us meet the drizzle, showers turn into rain
it is like our love growing wild and strong
let me take you by the hand, with all doubts
unsure of my strength, YET i'd say "TRUST ME, it's okay".

Breathe in the smell of fresh rain on grass
and breathe out those chains and fears
that bound the child in you, captive for so long
let the child in me, call out to you, come my love, my friend.

let us run under the rain, just fly and be wild
just sway, dance, and sing and be free
love and laugh and splash and be like kids
let the rain wash uncertainties, let it go.

under the patters, we can cry without shame
only me and you, and the rain will witness and feel
oh rain! come and wash our tears away
pour out our hearts, let it run down the drain.

Pour it out ye rain, let it flow, and come strong
we'll not argue, but we will love, kiss and hug
our lips play softly, passion intense as a storm
yer embrace, i cling on to you, never let me go.

Let the rain soak in, let it not stop to drop
as i absorb your every being, every YOU
i am like the soil, the earth, and YOU the RAIN
can never get enough, yet yer love will suffice.

The cold wind's like our fears, hurts, and sadness
we won't be afraid, we will protect, we may tremble
but when we hold on tight, cold might leave, to let us be
so,tremble! i no longer will, i have YOU to make me warm.

In the real world,
YOU will still be MY RAIN, in every sense . . .
in the real world,
we do not BELONG, we do not exist. . . .
Such a romantic poem, simple wordings yet with deep meaning. A piece anyone would like to read over and over again.