The Girl with a Broken Heart

Just yesterday you were so happy
Waved your hand, said hello to me
Heard you giggling with your friends
You were so pretty dressed in green

This morning, I waved and said hi
You’ve looked at me with those teary eyes
A letter in your hand drenched in tears
I wanted to hold you and tell you I care

In the evening you were on the porch
Staring, lonely sitting on the couch
As if you are waiting for that familiar car
But no one, nothing came until you retire

Next morning you’re nowhere to be found
I’ve looked for you, drove my car around
There you were standing on the beach
The other side you are trying to reach

I've seen enough, I couldn't just watch
Parked the car, unlocked the belt's latch
Ran as fast as I could, hugged you from behind
Slowly kneeling, both of us crying on the sand