Verses of Eternal Love: A Collection of Poetic Whispers and Romantic Reveries

Love poemsDive into a compilation of romantic emotions with 'Verses of Eternal Love.' This collection of heartfelt poetry explores the many facets of love, from the pangs of longing to the exhilaration of passion. Each poem serves as a guide through the maze of emotions, capturing the essence of what makes love so special.

Discover stories of enduring love that withstand the test of time. These poems act as windows into the complex world of emotions, offering a glimpse into the various aspects of love that we all experience.

Imagine these poems as whispers that speak to your heart, in a language we can all understand—love. Each line is crafted to resonate with your feelings, creating a connection that feels personal and relatable. 'Verses of Eternal Love' is a compilation that brings you into a daydream, sharing stories that captivate and linger in your thoughts.

Consider this compilation your exploration into the beauty of 'Verses of Eternal Love.' Let these poems be your companions, stirring emotions and reminding you of the enduring power of love in all its forms.

1. My Lasting Vow

I cannot imagine tomorrow
Not unless you let me follow
I don't wanna live in sorrow
Without you I will be hollow

Trap me within your glow
And love shall forever flow
Take us to the lover's meadow
And the flowers be our pillow

Stay so I will not wallow
Dream with me 'neath the rainbow
Seeds of love together we will sow
Field of affection I shall plow

A life time is so short, I know
Mortal's life so slim and narrow
But a grain of life I shall borrow
Let this poem be my final throw

2. Flowers Bloom

Come to me my beloved
With lover's smile
In my arms I will hold
We'll walk a mile

Let rain be our witness
Wind be our music
Memories we will cherish
Birds we will mimic

Dreams we will weave
Beneath the trees
As lovers we both plead
Forever we'll kiss

Soon the sun will shine
Clouds will shy away
The promises shall remain
Even if the birds fly

The coming of a clear sky
Always is certain
Even on a stormy day
The flowers bloom

3. My Love ( Promise of Forever )

Thy heaven, thy earth
To Promise I shall not
Thou shall not be in doubt
For I'll keep you in my heart

Forever I will keep thee
Even everything else flee
Thee must not be sad nor worry
My heart will bring much glee

Mists in thy eyes be gone
My heart forever be thy throne
Afraid be not thee will never be alone
My love will be thy cocoon

Smile and laugh thee I beseech
I wish thee in my arms I can keep
Even if thy future I cannot peep
In a bed of roses we shall sleep

4. Come What May

I can hold the earth
When we're together
I can even kiss the sun
Because you believe
Outrun the river flows
By giving me the will

I can freeze the time
If you tell me so
I can even stop the rain
When your fingers locked with mine
Dance with the wind
Long as you are beside me

If I were a god
The stars are yours to pick
Let the clouds be your bed
And my love be your blanket
As the angels sing for you

If eternal is longer than forever
I want you to promise me
That we'll be together eternally
Hand in hand, heart to heart
Soul to soul come what may

5. The Promise

Blue skies above
Smell of green grass
Sun rays that tickles
Almost paradise
Birds in pairs
Up in the trees
Sway of leaves
With the music
Of the gentle breeze
Bunnies run freely
Across the green field
And there we are
Like Adam and Eve
Tied by love
Hand in hand
With lovers’ smile
We ought on a journey
Where the rainbow ends
Altar we seek
For us to be bonded
And swear our vows;
Forever hearts be one
Souls eternally entwined

6. The Girl in the Driveway

In a hurry I rushed in to my car
Picked the right key for ignition
Pressed the accelerator hard
Just, to abruptly hit the break
There you were sitting on my drive way
Crying your heart’s out
Without asking, I know, another man
Promised you heaven and earth
Then dumped you in hell
My mind’s shouting “you’d never learn”
But my heart’s crushed with sympathy
So I got out of the car
Leaned over you and reached out my hand
Called the office, I’ll be late
I did not ask you why
Instead I asked you who is he
You answered me with sob
Embraced me and leaned on my shoulder
Then I stopped talking, hugged you tight
After 4 years I’m about to go to work
You stopped me on the drive way
Gave me my lunch box
And told me to be home by dinner
We will celebrate the birthday
Of our three year old son.