Poem about Life-Light After the Storm

Storm so great, only darkness, I trembled
I reached the bottom, there was no light
In my despair, I wanted to sleep never to wake up
As my dreams and aspirations began to crumble
The sound of my sob filled the void

Surrender, let go, just a matter of time
Lie down; soak in pain until I become numb
Escape, leave this unbearable misery behind
Last strand of hope is about to fade, oblivion
Decaying spirit, will is about to drown

As I’m about to take my last ailing breath
A mocking voice echoes “is that all you got?”
My heart began to beat faster, it hurts
The voice gets louder, it pierces through
Hands over my ears, still I hear it, scornful laughs

Realization, a single battle lost, why concede
The rain will surely stop, the flood shall dissipate
All I need to do is find something to hold onto
So I can begin to pull myself, stand up once again
This journey I must finish reaching for my dreams

No darkness is too dark, when I can be the light
No storm is too great with someone who has faith

"No matter how bad the weather becomes you can survive if you are prepared. Faith can deliver you from any misfortune that will come your way. Just never hold the white flag and surrender. Everything and anything shall pass good or bad. The good thing about in the worst situation is it can never be bad, it will only get better."
-RS Mallari