A Night to Remember-Friendship Poem

by Minorie Lanag

T'was a warm, damp night
We began with smiles so bright
Laughter shrills took away the fright
Parted ways with our hearts so light.

Sang our hearts out to happy tunes
The air blew in the sandy dunes
As we celebrate another plume
And as friends, each one assumes.

The spirit took its place
Opened up and marked his space
Tongues and talks all in a maze
Everyone left with a daze.

The pasta with the Sosi’s sauce
Earned a bit o’ warm applause
Albeit, I for one took a pause
In delight, I uttered a clause!

Shedding off our dreadful tears
All shared the night without fears
of happiness flew big hugs for bears
Friendship settled in, shooing away wears

Everything ceased when we made that pose
Big smiles touch the lips so rose
Those pictures, expressed not in verbose
Tho it rhymes, this is still my prose.