The Fire Fairy

by Jeanne Ames

Little fire fairy trapped inside glass
The old man captured the poor lass
As in the dark of night she roamed
Far away from hearth and home

Pretty little flame now lighting his way
Beyond her glow, night’s shadows play
A living flame, to warm his soul once more
Guiding his steps toward his cottage door

Yes, he had imprisoned the little lady light,
But, she had captured his heart that night.
Entering, he sets the magical lantern down
Lady fair with golden hair and flame red gown

He looks uncertainly at the fairy lady bright
Old hands shake and heart break at the site
Steaming tears fall from her fiery blue eyes
Glowing white wings fade as the lady cries

Sadly, he thinks, “what now have I done?
To capture and imprison this little one?”
Fairy fire must always be free and bright
To light the way of lost travelers at night

To melt the icy snow and dance in spring,
With other fire fairies in a mushroom ring.
To cheer the hearts of the young and old,
Bringing warmth to chase winter’s cold.

Trembling hands touch the warm glass,
And he opens the door to winter’s blast.
But his heart warms again at the site
Of the lady now free and shining bright

Do not limit someone’s life fire for your own,
If you care, set them free or leave them alone,
Then they will always be there, shining for you.
Because you care, they are free and happy too.