Christmas Poems About Life and Family

1. Christmas in the Eyes of a Child

Christmas Poems About Life and Family

Children’s smiles, happy faces
Take me back to wondrous places
Where once I used to play
Beneath lighted trees with friends
Wish I could be that joyful child
Let all worries be set aside
If we could just be like a child
Christmas will be filled with joy
If we will see this holiday season
Through the eyes of a child
Worries would be non-existent
So let us all be thankful and be glad
Another year will come to pass
Be young in spirit and be that child
And spend the festivities with smiles
Be carried away by the wings of time
Family will be as one, have fun!

2. Santa for a Day (Christmas Cliché Wishes)

Teach children about peace
Instead of wrapped toy guns
Let them keep their innocence
Instill the value of life

Give not expensive gifts,
Be an ambassador of beliefs
Not of materialistic deeds

Show them the way of giving
Give what others are lacking

Provide them with care brushes
With paint mixed with love
Let them cover the globe
With passion and compassion

Through them, the world be cleansed
Of hatred, misgivings, and greed
Then we could all dance and prance
All colors singing hand in hand
By choice and not by chance

3. The Unseen Color of Christmas 

Holidays, cold breeze
Children count gifts
Grandpa reminisces
About the old days
While Grandma’s busy
Prepares the fireplace
Mama's a chef

Sings while cooking
While papa’s digging
The basement for his skis
A picture of bliss
On Christmas Eve

On the other side
In a place forsaken
A shivering child
Walks the distance
In search of shelter
Scavenging trash
For any leftover food
Something to digest
Reddened dry face
Blank expression

You may have seen
This poor soul
But hardly noticed
Too busy
With the holiday rush

Turkey on the table
Gifts under the tree
Hot choco and coffee
While watching
The pendulum swings

Didn’t you just hear?
A grumbling child
With time tore up
Shirt and coat
With hand-stitched
Hardened boots

Shelter for the child
Food may be served
Even just for a night
On a cold
Christmas Eve

4. Christmas Songs

The season of hope has come
Doubtful spirit be calm
Throw away sadness and hum
Songs of love gladly be sung

Raise thy hand towards the heaven
Hear the angel's songs so divine
Open thy heart let soul entwine
And cleanse even thy sinful mind

Cold breeze so replenishing
Let thy trapped child in you sing
The atmosphere, so inviting
Grab that guitar, start strumming

Thou shall not worry and weep
Wear a smile, wrap thy gift
Get going and take the trip
Family, friends you must greet

"If we can only see Christmas through
the eyes of a child, holidays will be
filled with joy and laughter"

ho! ho!
Flashing lights
Dressed       trees
Toys       and    gifts
All           at      peace
Children smile
Joyous                  hearts
No      time        for      lies
Fun       starts,           indulge
No           time      to       waste
Sadness             be                gone
It’s Christmas time
 Merry Christmas to everyone!!!