Poem: A Love Affair

A love affair on the beach

Chapter I: The Meeting

From a shell out he came
Afraid, place unfamiliar
Isolation made him tame
Everything is but a blur

Figure of innocence
From afar, bit of a glimpse
He felt her presence
Unwise heart in a trance

Handshake, the feelings blurted
Undeniably the man was caught
Desires, his mind was clouded
The vow soon he will forget

The sky is with a dark grin
As the moon seemingly peeps
Watchful of what's happenin'
As two souls cannot sleep

Chapter II: The Beginning

The waves kissing the shore
The man began his quest
Breeze whistling through her hair
Hearts are now restless

Crowds are unaware
With the dark of night
As they took the flight
Passion begins to flare

The man from the shell floats
Amidst the river's current
Lady of innocence asserts
Against the desert's torment

A promise has been sealed
Along the pact of forever
An alliance was forged
Against the odds together

Chapter III: The Blossom 

The feeling has grown deep
Intense, never fading
Not a moment too stiff
Hand in hand they're clinging

He laid her on the bed
Promising gentleness
Inhibitions have faded
Remain, lovers' caress

Euphoria they have reached
Pact of love reinforced
Longing has been satisfied
The Promises are renewed

Together they're sailing
On an ocean unsettled
Fervor keeps them padding
To ashore, uncharted

Chapter IV: The Inevitable End

Obstacles along the cruise
Made them weak and doubtful
The ship's heavy, hard to push
The lady jumped remorsefully

The boat, vulnerable
Lost its beauty and might
The man held on, hopeful
But the lady's out of sight

Promises were unfulfilled
Man 'neath the wreck buried
The pact was dissolved
Free is the one who survived

On the beach, it started
The fire was ignited
On the beach, it ended
The flame has subsided

**To love is not a choice,
it is instinct; to acknowledge it
or not is a decision to make.**