A LOVE AFFAIR, Chapter IV: The Inevitable End

Obstacles along the cruise
Made them weak and doubtful
The ship's heavy, hard to push
The lady jumped remorseful

The boat, vulnerable
Lost its beauty and might
The man held on, hopeful
But the lady's out of sight

Promises were unfulfilled
Man 'neath the wreck buried
The pact was dissolved
Free is the one who survived

On the beach it started
The fire was ignited
On the beach it ended
The flame has subsided

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**To love is not a choice,
it is instinct but to acknowledge
or to disregard it is your choice.**

1 Response to "A LOVE AFFAIR, Chapter IV: The Inevitable End"

  1. Very good. Made me a little sad that it was titled " The Inevitable End".
    Seemed each piece was a life journey. Bravo.


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