10 Relatable Dark Poems about Life

There will always be some days when you feel like you have been forsaken and that the world has turned its back on you. The dark feeling of isolation that we should all conquer has a name, "Depression".  It's OK not to be OK , just don't forsake yourself.
Dark Life Poems

1. Bleeding Heart

As I bury myself in my blanket of sorrows
nothing seems can comfort me but the shadows
in the darkness I am free, I am indestructible
in silence mocking stops, feeling of solitude

the sunrise that I have loved all my life
now irate me as it engulfs the darkness, my ally
but as the thunder rumbles and lightning strikes
as the rain begins to pour, shade embraces

let there be only night or rain for all eternity
I want to be drenched in my self-made reality
get off my back and stop lecturing me
I know what I want, let me be forever free

no reason to wake, let me sleep without end
the fairy has left me wandering. I lost faith
without you, it’s more of a pain to breathe
only thing that can free me is death

you gave me life, but you let go of my hand
like a bird without wings, now I’m nothing
let sadness eat me little by little and be gone
for without you, I can’t and won’t go on

2. Sorry is Enough

A gloomy Thursday night,
there’ll be no moonlight.
as dark clouds won’t allow,
and won’t let reasons flow.
the skyline lacks remorse,
and hate is on its course.

Soon the resilient chain
that links these hearts
will turn brittle within

Toxins of selfishness,
burn even the sturdiest.
venom of the proudest,
kills even the mightiest.

Soon the resilient chain,
will turn brittle within

Bit of sincere apologies
could have been fine
like sweet bitter wine
it’ll wash away enmities

All scars shall fade in time
the sun soon will shine
bask in it, hand in hand
back will be, laughter and fun

3. Deafening Silence

I can hear your silence
I can feel the cold
I guess it's the winter
but it is not
it's your heart
I can no longer hear
your silence is deafening
a single word of response
it makes me cry
a bleeding heart,
pounding like hell
soon the body cannot handle
and what will be left
is one last deep breath

4. The Big Fight

Just last night
a shadow
called my name
I looked back and grinned
walked away
he yelled; you coward!
I ran towards him
threw a left hook
blood sprawled
he countered
an uppercut to my chin
I was knocked out
next thing I knew
I woke up
lying on the cold floor
cuts on my knuckles
I stood up
on the shattered mirror
was my distorted reflection
only then I realized
the shadow I fought
was me all along

5. Cave of Dead Dreams

A narrow path, a dark place
Pitch black, only echoes
Sound of water drops

Thin air poisons sanity
Smell of decay below
Aroma of death

Absence of light
Deafening silence
Absolute isolation

Tears of failure
Blend with thick water
Bottomless pond

Destination for the resigned
One way ticket
Where dreams are buried

6. "Drought"

rivers of contentment
stopped from flowing
to the sea
sea of serenity
turning into desert
desert of desolation
as the sun mocks
every bit of clouds
that carry the drops
drops of sustenance
soon the trees
will succumb
and forever be gone
sheds they provide
shall no longer
appease wandering souls

7. Crestfallen

I no longer fight
I cannot smile
Too depressed
I no longer dream
Only nightmares
I can no longer love
Full of anger
I am drowning fast
In the sea of misery
I lost my way
Dark alley of the past
No one can save me
The weight is too heavy
Just let it be
All I ask
Remember me when
I was still myself

8. Threading Faith

Whispers of anonymity
Along the valley of strangers
Silence so unholy
Roaring lies, shadowing
A river of deception cruises
Beyond the cliff....
Cliff of self-annihilation

Never-ending tunnel
Only vivid,
Lurking darkness

Desperate chants
Dimming faith echoes
Nothingness creeps
Escape just a string,
A string of make-believe
Forever trapped, chained
Alone, dreary, and dying

9. A Shot of Tranquilizer

Stupidity as it may be, trying to race with the time.
Restlessness overpowers even the most logical mind.

Anxiety is so overwhelming, even heartbeats begin to falter.
Uncertainty blankets even the perfect vision.

Sincerity is so scarce, even your close friend tends to lie.
Hypocrisy clouds even the best intention.

Insanity so near, even the counsel refuse to say
As the door to an alternate reality begins to unlock.

Hopes vanishes, desires begin to melt as the hand loses its grip.
Faith begins to disintegrate.

A shot of tranquilizer I beg, the suffering will ease
As I’ll be able to sleep in peaceful misery.

10. Chained Freedom

You can breathe
But don't make it long
You can Cheat
Better never prolong

Play the game
But never winning
Who to blame
When you're whining

Rock may roll
'neath your bare feet
Pleasure crawl
Happiness never meant

All alone cry
Regrets flashing fast
Tears never dry
Heart and mind clash

Feather so light
Yet you're not flying
Earned not flight
Forever ashamed laying

Drag to pit
Soul never returning
Under six feet
You are never fleeing

Sometimes acknowledging how you truly feel, no matter how dark your current emotion, it's still better than pretending to be OK and everything is going well. Life is a constant battle and a mix of good days and some bad days. Learn from the dark days and cherish sunny ones.