Lament of a Broken Heart

Painful Relationship

From the moment we first met
there was something I felt
a pinch in my heart
that day, I promise to myself
you, only you that I shall keep

I did things just to be closer
for us to become lovers
I have thrown my pride
in the name of love
I chose to be by your side

through the years I tried
to keep what we have
I kept on holding on so tight
through hardships, against all odds
all for us, I already did

instead you despised me
talking behind my back
even to my closest friends
that’s what you have done
you made me soak in pain

I began to hate life
created a world so dark
I became the bitter one
I chose to be alone
and embraced loneliness

why did you hurt me so bad?
all I ever wanted was to be loved
why did you stab me in the back?
and tell me, you want me back

leave now, please let me find my old self
keep those empty promises in your pocket