39 Quotes About Life That Can Make You Feel Good About Yourself

"Life, like the breeze changes from warm to cold, mild to threatening, occasionally unbearable but it will calm down in the morning." - R.S. Mallari
light at the end of the tunnel

A compilation of quotes about life that are meant to enlighten and inspire. Sometimes people just need a budge to move forward and words have that power to make anyone snap out from a momentary lost of motivation. Below are some life quotes that in one way or the other may help in trying to bring back that enthusiasm in living life.

  1. "Only when you are at peace with yourself and satisfied with what you have that you can really be contented and can be happy. No amount of money or material wealth can ever be enough to make you feel good about yourself."
  2. "You can substitute intelligence with passion but not passion with intelligence; most successful people are passionate rather than intelligent."
  3. "We are meant to feel sadness to better appreciate happiness and taste the bitterness of failure so as to make success sweeter"
  4. "Life is a never-ending journey, it's either you succumb to the challenges or be motivated by the pain. Life is not a straight road that has a predetermined destination. There will be crossroads; how we choose which way to go will lead us to where we want to go."
  5. "Haters feed on reactions so ignore them, don't give them power. Starve them to death by not being affected."
  6. "We are all wanderers and most of the time are lost, fear and uncertainties are hard to fight off but with a renewed spirit we can conquer everything in our paths."
  7. "When you're at the top everyone wants a piece of you but when you are falling only few will try to catch you to break the fall instead they'll be looking down at you until you reach the bottom, then they'll celebrate."
  8. "Why sulk in a corner and make yourself miserable when you can choose to be happy and enjoy what you have. Being bitter is an option and the worst excuse of losers for giving up in life."
  9. "Success won’t be as sweet if you are devoid of happiness. It can only be enjoyed if you can share it with the ones you love."
  10. "When honesty is nowhere to be found and all you see is nothing but deception, hold on to your convictions and walk the path with your eyes closed".
  11. "Diamonds uncut can be easily overlooked but when cut and polished everyone will try to claim ownership."
  12. "Looking back to where I've been and seeing the long and winding road I have taken, the bitter turns and the pits of frustrations I have conquered by being able to find the ladder of inspirations puts me where I am now but the journey has just began, It's a long way to go. Bag of hopes and dreams are all I need to reach my destination."
  13. “Achievers are the craziest people for they live within their dreams and make them into reality; Losers on the other hand are contented with what they call reality and never go further.”
  14. "Beginning to realize what matters most is such an elating feeling and seeing things in a positive perspective can make a lot of difference."
  15. "Our greatest battle is not with others but the enemy that resides within ourselves."
  16. "Taking the right path is never easy but it is always inspiring to know that there is always tomorrow so we can mend the mistakes of yesterday and go on with our journey towards a better future."
  17. "If you accidentally ordered a "Mis-teak" there is always an available "Correct" Juice to push it down to your guts of redemption."
  18. "They say glass once broken, it can never be repaired, I'd say recycling can be an option."
  19. "When a friend blames you for something and you know you have done no wrong, just be patient, he/she will come around and be forgiving when he/she make a mend"
  20. "When a friend made a mistake don't make her feel bad by saying "I Told You So" instead listen and tell him/her it will all be alright. Just support don't be a judge and a preacher."
  21. "You can only reach your full potential when you learn to admit and acknowledge your limitations and weaknesses."
  22. "When you're expecting too much, nothing can be enough."
  23. "My grief is temporary and the wounds you have inflicted upon me will heal but the scars are curved beneath the skin that even time cannot wash away."
  24. "It's better to feel pain than to be numb, better to laugh, and cry after than not to laugh at all. Life without the worst is not life at all but a fantasy."
  25. "It's never easy to stand whenever we fall unlike cats which can always land on their feet but unlike cats we have faith, renew your faith and like a ball you will bounce back."
  26. "Life is short and it will be measured not for its length but how many lives you have touched and how many souls you made happy."
  27. "Life is something to be treasured while it lasts because as sure as the sun will set, "death" shall come with a grin on its face ."
  28. "Lecture me about religion with an open mind and maybe I can comprehend faith with an open heart."
  29. "If the Future is predestined I'd rather sleep on my bed and wait for my Fate."
  30. "I'd rather swallow the bitter truth than to chew sugar-coated lies."
  31. "If we can only see Christmas through the eyes of a child, holidays will be filled with joy and laughter."
  32. "To avoid long conflicts, speak with your heart not with your tongue."
  33. "I have been talking all my life now it's time for me to listen."
  34. "It is easy for a charity worker to give favors but hardly ask for it."
  35. "You can condemn my mistakes but never judge me as a person."
  36. "Give me good reasons to smile and I'll show you how to laugh."
  37. "In pursuit of success we tend to forget our values and priorities in life."
  38. "Life is not to be survived but to be enjoyed and be cherished."
  39. "Do not magnify the misdeeds of others just to cover up your own".