7 Short Motivational Poems about Life

Short Motivational Poems about Life

1. Run Towards Destiny

traveler on the run
wherewithal soon to be scant
care to look back

a penny in the pocket
thirst soon will catch up
rain hardly comes in summer

freedom you seek
meet with your destiny
are you in the right path?

crossroads ahead
success, failure is the other
sad, no traffic sign

runaway train
never, shall it return
to where you once before

where ever
never say never
keep your faith, always

2. Live and Let Die

We cry, always will
We laugh, need to chill
We suffer, bear and last
We triumph, chew the feast

We tremble, fall and rise
We conquer, claim the prize

Sometimes we need to run
Others take the wrong turn
We live, hated, beloved
We die, gone, remembered

3. A New Day

Restless, I wander
Dark clouds above hover
Insanity, so near
I'm far beyond sober

My world, my own cell
I created a deep well
Where no one can dwell
Worst than Satan's hell

But that was yesterday
I was lost, out of way
Everything's murky as clay
I was wrong, I must say

Rain has stopped and gone
The sun has claimed its throne
I shall be grateful not forlorn
New day, come break of dawn

4. Soar

Dream on while awake
Don’t leave everything to fate

Run if you must dare
Never yield, do not falter

Fly high, keep the flight
Don’t look down and regret

Keep the faith, do not cry
Ascend and touch the sky

5. Believe

Falls like a leaf
Walks through
Avenues of fears
When it ends
Nobody knows
Floats like a boat
Dances with waves
Sea of doubts
To where it leads
Only God knows
Soon the journey
Shall end
Keep the faith
And forever
Be hopeful

6. Reformat 

Wonder what went wrong
Logical drive is on overload
Processor beginning to heat up
Restart, look for faults
Diagnosis in progress
Working in safe mode
Launching the anti-virus
Screen flickers, then
“Warning: Virus detected”
File-name: depression.exe
Unable to delete
Moving it to the vault
Too late, system infected
Need system-restore,
Looking for the back-up
Nowhere to be found
Drastic measure required
“Faith” Operating System
Must be re-installed.

7. Start Over

Such regrets
It will make you cold and bitter
Such regrets
Let it go, things will be better
Why soak, you can start over
Such regrets