Days of innocent - Ode to My Mom

Girl Playing Guitar
By: Claire Gibbs

Days of innocent
No cares in the world
Playing my guitar
Singing my song
I've only just started
My life has just begun

I am an actor on a stage
The main part in my own life
I live in the moment no care for the past
The future ahead of me yet uncast

You look at me with envy
And with pride and joy on your face
I seem to somehow remind you that life's not a race

I am young
My days are a dream
I live my life
And do as I please

Youth is a wonder
A good thing a gift
I believe I can be anything
I want to be

I am a pirate
If I choose
and the lounge is the ocean
And upon it a ship

My world is make believe
Or so to you it seems
Yet When you look at me I see your eyes Shining bright
I see inside your soul a burning light

You are my teacher
Yet you're the one being taught
Do you really need me to remind you what life's about

You were once like I am now
Giving up on your dreams I can't allow

I remember when  I was small and you held my hand
You showed me the world, made me understand

When we went for a walk and my legs were small,
When I would take ages you didn't mind at all

You made me feel loved, you spent your time with me
You said I could be anything I wanted to be

You showed me the world covered in magical light
You lay beside me night after night

I stood by your side mum and listened to every word
Even the times you thought I'd not heard

Thank you for loving me unconditionally no matter what
Focusing on what I am and not on what I'm not

Thank you for showing me amazing things
And making me realize the happiness love brings
For all the hugs you gave me where you squeezed me tight
And for making even the bad things seem alright

So If I give you a kiss and a hug goodnight
And just for good luck I squeeze you extra tight

If I make you a heart because I thought of you
And Write you a note saying I love you forever its because it's true

You said it was the simple things that mattered and how people feel,
You said being kind and loving is what makes it real

I love you mum X