I Hate You but Do I Love You?

Secret admirer

I hate the way you walk
Despise the way you look
Loathe your innocent smile
Yet I can spot you from a mile

I can’t stand it when you talk
Merely listening makes me choke
Just being near you is torture
Yet I want to be still the more

Something about you that I hate
That I yearn to see everyday
Your presence I pretty much detest
Yet I desire to see your face

Sometimes I just want to get away
But at night, to be with you I pray
Wish I could just let this subside
Yet it’s my dream to be by your side

"There is a thin line between hatred and love. Sometimes you say you hate someone but the truth is you are longing for that someone whenever she/he is not around." - Love Quotes

3 Responses to "I Hate You but Do I Love You?"

  1. Hello Ronald,
    A real conflict between real emotions in this poem.
    It certainly demonstrates, that very thin line, of love and hate.

    I do hope love will win though!
    Best wishes to you,

  2. I just remembered during high school that there is this particular girl whom I thought I hate, unconsciously however I was beginning to love her.

    I won already Eileen, I have my wife for 10 years A Decade of Love and Friendship (Anniversary Poem).

  3. Anonymous23:06

    i like him a lot, but i guess he's just playing around. he's everybody's dream.. i like him that much :(


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