Healing Summer Rains - Hold Me Close

Lovers in the Rain

Healing Summer Rains
by Jeanne Ames

Your hand moves slowly across my shoulder bare
Running up my neck your fingers lock within my hair
You draw me firmly to you until our bodies meet
My head resting on your chest I listen to your heart beat

My heart beats faster as your arms firmly embrace me
With your tender touch, my skin feels what your hands see
I look up at you and see eyes that burn with cold blue fire
Putting my arms around your neck I can feel our desires

Hold me close until we are one, never to part again
Let us get lost in each other away from mindless men
This world of men gives us empty promises of hope
Let the soulless ones choke on their alcohol and dope

Within your arms I feel loved and safe from all pain
All the fears wash away like the healing summer rain
Sending heavenly tears to bring life to dried out dreams
Forget the world for a time and let the mad man scream

For you and I share a bond that I have never known
Over years we learned to care, our love has only grown
I wish to bring that sparkle in your bright eyes once more
We don’t have money but it is the rich man that’s poor

Take my hand and let us make life’s Journey together
We all need someone to care, our lives are not forever
Being so alike yet different too, the Idea Man and me
I write the words that spark inspiration to me from thee

So hold me close and give me what affection you can
Together we face the Fates back to back or hand in hand
The Fates spins threads forming the journey of our souls
But we will always have imitation and passion hot as coals