A Love Poem: Our Journey Together

Couple on a journey
Most of the time I talk too much, I know
It’s because of the overflowing of emotions
The love I have for you that have grown
Shut my mouth and my chest would explode

Every time you get irritated, just calm down
I won’t be like this if I am not head over heels
Every time you get annoyed, just feel me
Your heart will win over the intolerant mind

I too get angry at myself all the time
But every time I realized you are mine
The anger turn sweet and then I just smile
This kind of love is once in a life time

There are times that you are sweeter than sugar
Those moments in my heart will remain forever
There are times that you are worse than a tiger
But in the end your cute kitty side reigns over

Your intellect amazes me, sometimes a bit scary
Like a prosecutor in courtroom you argue like no other
I never compromise myself before I met you either
But to you I always concede, you are my master

I am not sure of anything not even my maturity
But I will go on with you on this terrific journey
You go west or east; I will go wherever it will take me
The story is about us and no longer about me

Together we will be against all uncertainties
Together we will fight against a world of prejudices
Together we are stronger than the warriors
Together we shall be declared life's winners