A Love Story

A warm night it was, on the beach
We were talking yet you are far away
Your mind is somewhere else
And you kept on admiring the seashells

You can deceive others with your smile
As if everything is just fine
I see you laugh so often
But never saw you happy even once

You’ve been living in a box
You have embraced loneliness
A prisoner in a world you made
Your best friend was your bed

You were living an empty life, living for others
You existed, surviving but not living
As fragile as you are, you've been a real fighter
For you need to, for the sake of your beloved

A starry night on the beach again
It was a different one this time
Like a kid you’ve played with the water
Never seen you so happy, not in a while

It was that night, genuine laughs
The glowing water made you forget
Burdens that you carry within yourself
The iron-mask suddenly disappeared

For a moment I saw the real you
The person behind that tough look
It was then, that I felt the pinch in my heart
Even from afar, I began to care

From a distance, I have watched 
You didn’t know, you didn’t have to
It was better that way, it was enough
Just to be near you, felt so great

Then came, unforgettable night on the road
Amidst the chaos in the car, with friends so loud
You silently uttered words, only I heard
Eyes fixed on a swaying tree that you admired

That was the second time I remember
Trees making you vulnerable yet somber
You see things others wouldn’t even notice
As most by material things that they are please

Suddenly I was arguing with myself
Is she real? Or just my make belief
Is she the one? The girl of my dreams
Indeed, she isn’t just another pretty face

Realization hit me, I am falling deeply
Not knowing if she’ll catch my heart
Still I kept my distance, be with her is enough
But my heart bleeds with her false laugh

She’s a diamond in a veil of sorrow
A great woman inside and out
But was kept in a dark shroud of pain
She just needed a light buff to shine

Fate has its way, things happened
Gods favored events that made us closer
It was heaven, first time we became one
Love bloomed, friendship got stronger

The girl that used to wear a tiger-mask
Became the jolly kitten, the sweetest
With so much love for life, she laughs
This time genuine laughs, true happiness

From the box, she came out
Now she’s the Queen of my heart
From the cave, I came out
I am now the King inside her heart