The Tree of Love

Sudden like a comet passing by earth
strong like a quake, it made them tremble
rapid rush of waves hit two lonely hearts
in an instant a feeling so potent yet so subtle

no expectations just pure intentions
then it grew, now a full grown tree
bearing happiness and contentment
hearts as dry as the desert now are fountains

seeds of the tree being scattered
by the wind of selfless desires and love
it was just yesterday, not even a smile
not even a sound of respite in a long while

the gloom has faded, horizon is clear
dreams finally began to sprout again
hopes marching up, getting higher
proud and as tall as a mighty mountain

unexpected as it was, yet so right
it may not be perfect but it’s for real
the wounds of the past, now healed
so sturdy as a rock it won’t break

a long way to go towards the sea
sea of success and triumph at sight
dreamers in a boat of confidence
sailing through with love as the light