Kneeling figure

Pain that I cause, I don’t mean
just that emotion gets out of hand
and always too late when I realize
things you hate I did, forgive me

I want to paint your world, golden
but darker hue comes out in the end
I want to make you smile all the time
but bitter juice I sometimes serve

if I could just fit in the right rhythm
make this love song a masterpiece
with passionate lines that rhymes
then perhaps that hurt will cease

it hurts when you can’t smile at me
I know, because I am a part of you
words you skip to utter, so not to sting me
in your anger you still find love for me

wish I could be the better man
won’t do things that can hurt
but I do stupid things, sometimes
I’m glad you forgive and forget

1 Response to "Forgive Me"

  1. This is really a heart touching poem, really loved it. Thanks for sharing.


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