Strange Feeling-The Day Before Mother's Day

Mother and her child

Today this morning, I woke up with a heavy heart
I felt a very painful sensation, a sting in my guts
I got up straight to the toilet to take a bath
Wishing that the warm water would make it stop

What could be it that makes me want to weep?
Is it the dream that woke me in my sleep?
I don’t really remember, it could have been a nightmare
But the hurt is so bad, making it hard for me to breath

I got out of the house, the sun with all its glory
My heart refuses to see the light, what could it be?
The trees sway with the passing breeze, seem so happy
Yet I cannot appreciate even the birds’ melodies

I kept on searching for answers within myself
Even tried to dig in to my subconscious thoughts
What is it that makes me wanted to cry and shout?
Why so suddenly there is a sore in my heart?

Until finally,
I noticed the calendar near my desk
Tomorrow is the second week of the month of May
I guess my heart remembers what my mind has forgotten
Now I know, now I know why, tomorrow is Mother’s Day
I can no longer kiss my mother and say “I Love YOU mom”