A Mother's Letter to her Child

Charles Angrand, Mother and Child

I am weak yet happy and content
with you my child I feel so safe
but embarrassed to say the least
for I see how much you care
trying to make me be at peace

my child I am old, respite I seek
forgive me for being a burden
how I wish I could still do the laundry
but my knees are betraying me
if I could just stand and wash the dishes
and prepare coffee after the dinner
that is, if I could just remember the pantry

every time I see you going to work
I always want to get up from this bed
a sweet chocolate cake I would bake
but I couldn’t even reach for the toilet
my child, I want to show you I still care
that for me you are still the baby I caressed
but even words cannot slip from my lips

every morning is a blessing for me
another day of seeing you my beloved
do not bother with the tears in my eyes
I cried not because of any discomfort
I always cry whenever I reminisce the past
when I cuddle and poke your blushing nose
those moments in my heart I shall keep
until time and age, claim of what is left of me

my child you are my greatest triumph
the reason I can sleep soundly at night
you are my precious gift to the world
the angel I have carried in my wound
the only one that can prove my existence

My end is near and certain, I do not fear
For I know in you, I will forever live and be remembered