20+ Sweet and Romantic Love Quotes

"Love like a flower, possesses great beauty and fragrance but beneath the fa├žade there are thorns that can inflict pain." - R.S. Mallari

Lovers with flowers

1. "If you will ask me to come with you.. I will leave everything I own and will live contented and happy for I don't desire much...just to sleep beside you is more than enough."

2. "Do not ask me why I care about you and do not ask for reasons why I wanna be with you, because if I do have the answers, perhaps I don't really love you at all."

3. “You can’t value love unless you felt hate as you won’t appreciate that there is light unless you’ve been into darkness.”

4. “True love is never absolute neither it’s certain but definitely it will survive the test of time.”

5. "You should run now, I will sue you for stealing my heart."

6. "Love is as vast as the universe, deeper than the seas, more complicated than a labyrinth yet people continually have explored the boundless, bottomless pit and took the stiff path in search of happiness but others have found only; sufferings."

7. “Embrace love with all your heart but don’t let obsession embrace you.”

8. "For a moment I was touching the sky, racing with clouds and even had the moon in my palm until reality kicked my butt and so I fell on the ground with a broken heart."

9. "We can admire an eagle in flight but it can never be ours. But the feeling that we get just upon watching it is more than enough to give us joy."

10. "In a world where no one has the moral ascendancy to say what is right and what is wrong, it will be the heart that will judge everything you have done for love."

11. "When you're in love, you can see things that are not even there but when you're heart-broken, you can't even notice what you have in your hand"

12. "Doing things for the one you love give you happiness, being "served" by the one that loves you gives you pleasure. And there is a big difference between happiness and pleasure."

13. "True love is like wine, it gets better with age."

14. "There is a thin line between hatred and love. Sometimes you say you hate someone but the truth is you are longing for that someone whenever she/he is not around."

15. "Compromise is the key towards a happy relationship."

16. "Insurance is for tangibles, assurance is for Love."

17. "Love is fragile so better blanket it with trust and understanding to keep it".

18. " Love is a gamble for nothing about love is ever certain."

19. "Be glad when your partner nags at you and worry when she no longer does it."

20. "Only true love can tame a wild heart."

21. "The art of poetry is a combination of emotional recognition and partly a bit of intelligence."

22. "Love is just a game for others, for some love is life itself."

23. "Lovemaking is the highest form of communication and the ultimate expression of love".